Vastu Case Studies & Client Testimonials

These are recent examples from a variety of our clients in USA. Client details and location are removed for confidentiality. For similar results with your property, contact VastuTruth by email at or Phone 469-666-1088 . VastuTruth LLC is located in Dallas, Texas, USA.

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Case study # 1 - A large designer home in an upscale community

Consultant visited 6 houses that the client chose to review and rejected 5 of them. VastuTruth Consultant mentioned that family life would not be harmonious in those houses. When the client enquired about the sellers, all 5 houses were put on market, due to marital discord in their families.

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Testimonial # 2 - Residential Vastu Client Testimonial

I would like to inform you that we won the bid and got the house. I confidently placed a good offer after talking to you. It wouldn't have been the case had I not spoken to you. Thanks for your help.

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Case study # 3 - New Fusion Restaurant Vastu Design

Client purchased the licenses to build out a restaurant franchisee and a banquet hall in an existing building. VastuTruth worked with the franchisee and the company to redesign the restaurant layout, banquet hall, and equipments to the best possible combination available for the building.

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Testimonial # 4 - Home Buyer Testimonial - Urgent Decisions in Hot Housing Markets

In the course of my home hunt, the last minute before signing the contract, I needed Dr. Kumar to look at a different floor plan from what I had originally consulted him with and I needed it within 2 hours. He was quick to respond basically in 45 mins and that helped me a lot in making my decision on signing the contract. I would definitely recommend Dr. Kumar for vastu services.

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