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VastuTruth LLC, Reliable Vastu Consultant in USA - Onsite, Near Me, Online, Remote

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Custom Vastu House Plan (Home Floorplan) Designs, property development, Vastu Compliant remodeling & more


1.       Successful Vastu Compliance design review of over 3500 homes in USA and Canada.

2.       Largest Vastu Custom home designed by VastuTruth is for a family of 11 members including 7 children.

3.       Vastu Consultation for a 15,000+ square feet home with an indoor swimming pool, in USA.

4.       Vastu layout /design consultation for site development of properties upto 84 acres.

5.       Custom Vastu home design for a 7600+sq.ft. three-story house in USA.

6.       Vastu Consultant in USA for a 14 story office building.

7.       Vastu Consultation for $3.5+ million home on the west coast and several homes from $1.5 million to $3 million range..

8.       Complete office design for a 10,000 square feet office for a digital customer experience company.

9.       Over 42% of our clients choose the New Home Vastu Compliant Package.

10. Vastu Consultation for a client's $4+million condo in a 60+story full service luxury residence in a Northern State of USA.

11. Vastu consultation for site layout and design of a 54,000 sq.ft office building.

12. Office building selection and interior layout design of 19,500 sq.ft. for a media company.

13. Office design of 10,000+ sq.ft. for a business conglomerate owning 100+ restaurants, hotels, and real estate investments.

14. Vastu layout /design consultation for site development of multiple properties upto 110 acres.


VastuTruth offers the following Vaastu Shastra / Vaastu Shaastra / Indian Vastu Consulting Services - onsite and online /telephone - for existing properties and new developments.


Let us meet your local Vasthu Shastra Expert in USA .


OurPrincipal Vastu Consultant onsite and online , Dr. Kumar has two Engineering degrees, and has specialized in Vastu and energetics, to offer the best choice for new and old construction. He has dual Masters and a Doctorate degree from USA and has authored multiple books and several journal publications, and is a frequent speaker at national and International conferences.


He is an expert in offering Custom Vasthu solutions to suit the construction standards and weather patterns in North America.


Our Principal is also a Diploma Holder in Traditional (Vasthu Shasthra) Architecture from a pioneer State run Institute and nodal agency for Vasthu, under Government of India. We will ensure that you get the right and truthful opinion and expert Vastu Sastra advice on your property.


VastuTruth is available for scientific residential and commercial Vastu Shastra consultations in following areas and nearby cities.


  • Fargo, North Dakota

  • Bismarck, North Dakota

  • Grand Forks, North Dakota

  • Minot, North Dakota

  • Mandan, North Dakota

  • Oakes, North Dakota

  • Thompson, North Dakota

  • Stanley, North Dakota

  • Cooperstown, North Dakota

  • Crosby, North Dakota

  • Ashley, North Dakota

  • Mohall, North Dakota

  • Lakota, North Dakota

  • Lakota, North Dakota

  • Hebron, North Dakota

  • Emerado, North Dakota

  • Elgin, North Dakota

  • Fessenden, North Dakota

  • Pembina, North Dakota

  • Westhope, North Dakota

  • Glenburn, North Dakota

  • Sheyenne, North Dakota

  • Max, North Dakota

  • Flasher, North Dakota

  • Leonard, North Dakota

  • Bowbells, North Dakota

  • Hope, North Dakota

  • Rhame, North Dakota

  • Plaza, North Dakota

  • South Heart, North Dakota

  • Hague, North Dakota

  • Galesburg, North Dakota

  • Galesburg, North Dakota

  • Pingree, North Dakota

  • Riverdale, North Dakota

  • Wildrose, North Dakota

  • Fredonia, North Dakota

  • Fairdale, North Dakota

  • Balta, North Dakota

  • New Home Buyer Vastu Compliance Package for North Dakota

    Best Vastu Compliance selection package for your next home, office, or property purchase in USA – This is the most popular option for buyers to choose their next home / office. 4 free followups by phone or email for following 6 months, for the home selected, based on the visits purchased. Use this package for Vastu Consultations for homes, offices / businesses, when you look for your next property.

    Vastu Compliance Review for urgent decisions in hot housing markets of North Dakota!

    Quick turnaround guaranteed for you ( in a couple of hours after reviewing details ) to make the right decision.

    Click here to 469-666-1088 for details.


    Custom Vastu Design and Consultation Services in North Dakota

    - for more detailed Vastu analysis and consultation of all properties, business/shop/commercial establishments, larger properties (not described above), working with home builders and property developers, Vastu advice for remodeling projects, including review of Star/Kundli/Horoscope/Raasi, other than above services - onsite/online/telephone, including any travel charges.

    Ask about Custom Vastu Designs for building New Homes in USA, with all your favorite specifications included. Call 469-666-1088
    Terms will be discussed at initial review. Additional followup consultation services for this package are billed in hourly increments at a special rate of $89 per hour, after first 5 hours.


    If you are buying a new home/office/plot or building a home from ground-up or doing any remodeling, do consult us before you choose / finalize a plot and a house plan, from the builder or contractor. The right advice at the right time can save you tens of thousands in terms of future remedial measures, mental agony, and health issues. VastuTruth has scores of satisfied clients who have consulted us before making their biggest investments in lives and reaped the Vastu blessing and benefits of timely advice.

    It costs you a tiny fraction of the cost of a remodeling project or building / property, to avail of our services, to make the right choices in your most valuable investment of lifetime.


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    VastuTruth can provide ideally recommended vastu tips and scientific vastu remedies for your properties.

    Best Vastu Shastra Expert near me

    Home's direction is a key factor for many vastu shastra buyers. But that itself is not enough. The important factors for a Vaastu home requires many key points starting with the planning process - Site Selection, Orientation of plot, Quality of Land and the Soil, area of the house, orientation of rooms in the house , relative position of rooms and appliances, direction of entryways etc. VastuTruth will guide you through the entire processes or applicable steps based on where you are in the custom vastu home building process.


    Before you decide on lease or purchase of a commercial or residential building in North Dakota, please refer to the following authoritative document on Vastu Shastra – Directions, Vastu Tips for Entrance, Measurements - for houses and plots in USA



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